Due to its unbeatable advantage over HDDs, SSD have become extremely popular among PC users. Solid-state drives (SSD) can malfunction, just like HDDs, and your data and files stored on the disk could disappear. However, you may use Partition Recovery to recover files from a malfunctioning SSD.

SSD is Dead

Since SSD lack mechanical components that may generate noise when the disk is dead, they are essentially more sophisticated than HDD.

Signs of a Dead Solid-State Drive

One of the simplest ways to determine whether an SSD is dead is to disconnect it from your computer and attach it to another computer. If the (other) computer is able to read the drive, the SSD is still likely alive.

To check whether the SSD is still functional and to see whether the problem is with your computer system rather than the drive, you may connect the same SSD to other PCs.